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Tea Party Tommy backs Baldwin, not Ryan, on debt ceiling vote

Paul Ryan and all of the other House Republicans from Wisconsin voted for the debt ceiling deal this week. So did Dem Ron Kind.

Tammy Baldwin is the only Badger in the House who didn't.

The Cap Times says Baldwin did the right thing, and defends her vote, which was criticized by the Wisconsin State Journal. No surprise there; The Cap Times loves Tammy, who's considering a Senate run next year.

Here's the surprise: Tommy Thompson, making noises like he will run for the Senate, tells Politico he would have voted against it, too, but doesn't say why. (Presumably because he's trying to demonstrate to the right wing of the

GOP and the Tea Party that he's conservative enough.)

Tommy would have voted with alleged Senator Ron Johnson, who opposed the deal. Herb Kohl, who is retiring next year, voted for it.

So if it ends up being a Thompson-Baldwin race, no issue there.

Photo is Tommy addressing a Tax Day Tea Party rally at the State Capitol in 2010, the last time he thought about a Senate run. They didn't buy it.


August 5, 2011 - 12:16pm