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SUSPICION CONFIRMED: Scott Walker bought and paid for by the Koch brothers

The online Huffington Post confirms the ugly truth. Phil Cox, director of the Republican Governors Association (RGA), told a California audience at a private June political "seminar" sponsored by billionaire conservative activists Charles and David Koch that the RGA had no stronger financial backers than the Kochs, thanks to whom RGA spent mind-boggling, out-of-state sums running ads in support of Scott Walker's Wisconsin gubernatorial campaigns over the past four years.

"The RGA has already put $18 million in Walker over the last four years," Cox said in private remarks captured on audio. "We’re not going to let up now. We put $2 million in this spring. "Uh, AFP has been on the air. Walker’s been on the air, and the governor currently leads by six points. This is a race we’re going to have to be engaged in right on until the end."

Walker may have been leading by six points according to one pre-election poll or another back in June, but as of last week he's trailing Democratic Party nominee Mary BUrke by two points among likely voters, according to a Marquette Univeristy poll. Beyond that, Cox's syntax is interesting. Up to June, the RGA had "put" $18 million "in" Walker? Apparently the RGA views the embattled Wisconsin governor as some kind of meat animal to be stuffed with cash and displayed as a delicacy on a political carving plate. Pate de fog of war!

RGA support from the Kochs issues at least in part via AFP -- the Americans For Prosperity, the Koch-created, "non-partisan," "educational" group. According to Wikipedia, AFP is the so-very classy organization that in August 2011:

"... sent absentee voter applications instructing voters to return the paperwork two days late in at least two recall elections". In addition, the PO Box that was listed on the "Ballot Application" is the address of an anti-abortion group, Wisconsin Family Action, as opposed to an official state address. Responding to charges of voter suppression, AFP said the incorrect date was the result of a mistake and "was only intended for voters in the two districts where Democrats are set to face recalls on a later date, August 16."

And they're still at it, fattening up Walker for the November election. Let's hope his goose is cooked and he's being led to political slaughter. You can listen to Cox praising the Kochs and their roll in underwriting ads for Walker in the attached audio clip, and read Huffington's entire piece at the link below.



August 28, 2014 - 10:08pm