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Surprise endorsement from police union in aldermanic race

Good news for the challenger in the race for alderman in Milwaukee's 9th District: He's been endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Assn.

Without knowing all the ins and outs of City Hall politics these days, it makes you wonder what the incumbent, Robert Puente, did -- or didn't do -- to upset the police union.

Puente is a former captain and 27-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department.

But the MPA says in its release that:

"Ray [Harmon] has an absolute appreciation of the cop on the street. With Ray’s strong understanding of public safety as the cornerstone of community growth, the 9th District will have a great future.”

Puente is among those identified recently as on the city payroll, drawing a $73,222 salary as alderman, plus a $67,253 pension as a retired police captain, for a total of $140,475.

Harmon has worked in local government as a legislative assistant for the city and county governments, with the Milwaukee Urban League, Neighborhood Schools Initiative and the administrations of former Gov. Jim Doyle and former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

A heart transplant recipient, Ray is a volunteer for the Wisconsin Donor Network and other health care charities. And, yes, Xoff and the MPA are on the same side on this one, which doesn't happen often.


November 30, 2011 - 3:27pm