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Support businesses that support your family's safety and say no to guns

From the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort:

Did you know that people who work where guns are allowed are five to seven times more likely to be murdered*? It’s yet another example of how reckless Gov. Walker’s new “guns in public” law is.

This extreme legislation will force every Wisconsin business to allow guns on their premises. But the law also gives business owners the right to keep guns out by simply posting a sign.

To make sure our businesses do what we all know is right, we need to show them that thousands of Wisconsinites have their backs. WAVE is organizing people from across the state to pledge their support for businesses that adopt a no-guns-allowed policy. Will you join us?
Sign the pledge: “I will support businesses that support my family’s safety.”

Through the efforts of WAVE supporters like you, we secured basic safety measures in an otherwise dangerous bill, making sure criminal background checks and permits became part of the final law.

But now, the “guns anywhere” extremists are threatening to boycott any business that adopts a policy to keep guns out! That’s why WAVE is gathering signatures from concerned citizens like you, so we can show business owners the deep and widespread public support for businesses that put our safety first.

Add your voice and help keep guns out of Wisconsin’s public places.

Walker and his allies think they can get away with pandering to the radical gun lobby at the expense of our safety. We can show them one business and one community at a time that we won’t let them put Wisconsin’s families in danger.

Thanks for getting involved,

Jeri Bonavia
Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

* Dana Loomis, Stephen W. Marshall, and Myduc L. Ta, “Employer Policies Toward Guns and the Risk of Homicide in the Workplace,” American Journal of Public Health, May 2005, Vol 95, No. 5, pp. 830-832.


August 22, 2011 - 6:00pm