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Strong Resume of "will start masters degree" qualifies for Director of Federal Relations

In the usual Friday afternoon news dump that we have grown to expect from our governor, the citizens of Wisconsin are treated with another weak resume.  This should give us all concern regarding the Republicans' plan to dismantle the current civil service system and  the replacement of civil service exams with "resumes".   I don't think that a PhD with 20 years experience who had signed the recall could have under any circumstances taken this job from the sycophant in the baseball cap. Kyle's current salary is approximatly $33,000. He will be replacing Wendy Reimann who is making $103,101.  I haven't seen Wendy's resume. Governor Scott Walker Appoints New Director of Federal Relations

Friday, October 16, 2015 - Press Release

Madison – Today, Governor Scott Walker is announcing the appointment of Kyle Roskam as the incoming Director of Federal Relations for the State of Wisconsin.  Roskam will work on behalf of state agencies, members of the administration, and others to advocate for federal government related policies that benefit Wisconsin residents.

Roskam, a Green Bay native, worked for Congressman Ribble in Washington, D.C. as a Legislative Assistant and most recently served as Congressman Grothman’s Legislative Director.  Roskam received bachelor’s degrees in both economics and political science from the University of St. Thomas and will start a master’s degree in economic policy at Johns Hopkins University in summer.  

Former Director of Federal Relations, Wendy Riemann is leaving the administration to begin consulting work at 1492 Communications.  Riemann served in the role for the past four and a half years, helping to bring about the needed St. Croix bridge legislation, convert highway 41 to Interstate 41, mitigate the propane crisis, and protect our cranberry industry from burdensome regulations, among a host of other Wisconsin victories.

Roskam began his new role on October 15.

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October 17, 2015 - 6:40pm