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With Straight Face Walker Says Social Issues "Shouldn't be the Centerpiece"

Governor Scott Walker did an interview today with the (CBN) where he said he, like Reagan, he was "obsessed" with creating jobs and that social issues "shouldn't be the centerpiece":

"It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take on those (social) issues, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address them. They just shouldn’t be the centerpiece and I think the left wants them to be the centerpiece…"

Of course, this is the same governor that after busting public sector unions has, in fact, spent the vast majority of his time in office focused on social issues. From fighting civil rights of gay Wisconsinites in court to passing every anti-choice bill under the sun, Scott Walker has most definitely made social issues, and not jobs, the centerpiece of his first term.

In fact, remember that things got so ridiculous last year that the most popular game around was the Santorum or Scottorum quiz?  Since Walker is apparently forgetting his social issue obsession as the 2014 election nears, here's the  for old times sake:

Scott Walker or Rick Santorum?

1) Which one once said, "There is not a seperation of Church of State."?

2) Which one got married to an nonpolitical wife, yet proposed at the Republican convention and got married on Ronald Reagan's birthday?

3) Which one believes that birth control pills, which women having using for decades, are actually "abortificants" and should be banned?

4) Which one compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and incest?

5) Which attends a church where they "talk in tongues"?

6) Which one started a youth group called the U.S.A. Jesus Club?

7) Which one said that they literally hear God talking to them and that they believe their actions are God's will?

8) Which one holds the view that if you are raped and become pregnant, you should not be allowed to end the pregnancy?

9) Who once said that David Duke was a "creation of the media" and that Duke's gubernatorial campaign issues were "not at all extreme."

10) Which one once said that all rights come from the Creator and if God wanted collective bargaining, He would have put in the U.S. Constitution?

Answers:  Scott Walker is the answer to all these questions.  Santorum may be a fringe extremist-- but he's no Scott Walker.


November 21, 2013 - 5:25pm