Let's for a moment ignore all of the blather the last few days about General Petraeus, MoveOn, and the continuing noise from the right saying that anyone questioning Iraq policy hates America.

  1. The tone of our involvement in Iraq has been to continually be told that things will change in 6 months. Then 6 months. Then 6 months. People are beginning to catch on to the pattern. Oh - by the way - we're going to start troop withdrawals in 6 months, according to the latest presidential news.
  2. The figures showing the "improvements" in Iraq are all based on cherry-picking statistics, and a very strange interpretation of what "Insurgent" violence is, as opposed to crime. Car blows up? That's terrorism, not the war. Shot in the front of the head? That's crime, not war. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.
  3. Most of the current policy appears to be aimed at chugging along with the status quo until after the election, at which point it'll almost certainly be the problem of the new Democratic president.

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