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Statement on Passage of Senate Bill 11



For Immediate Release                           Contact:  Sen. Vinehout

March 10, 2011                                                      (608) 266-8546


Statement on Passage of Senate Bill 11


“Leaders negotiate, build support, seek agreement and invite harmony. History tells us agreement and harmony flourishes when everyone has a voice and everyone is respected. For hundreds of years, Wisconsin has enjoyed harmony and peaceful resolution through the democratic process.

On March 9th, Republican Leaders invented a new process of passing a bill, without warning, without a hearing and without even a bill on the Senate floor. Republican Leaders engaged in legislative trickery to deny us the democratic process; seeking only to advance their national agenda.

If elected officials at our local courthouse or school board meeting did this type of trickery, our communities would erupt in outrage and the decision would be thrown out. Republican leaders think because this is happening in Madison they can get away with it.  But the will of the people should be the law of the land.

I and my Senate Democratic colleagues continue to do everything we can to protect workers’ rights and the integrity of democracy in Wisconsin. Voters have the ultimate power. The final decision to protect democracy is made on Election Day at the ballot box.”


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March 10, 2011 - 11:34am