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State SOC Votes to Help Senator Randy Hopper (R - Fond du Lac) in his Recall Defense

The Wisconsin Senate Committee called, Senate Organization Committee (SOG) had a committee meeting today. It looks a little fishy as Hopper is struggling to keep the recall swell in his district down. I received from an unnamed reliable source today the following:



The Senate Organization Committee has approved spending up to $2600 to set up a telephone town hall meeting in Sen. Randy Hopper’s 18th Senate District. The committee approved the request 3-0. According to the motion on which Senate Organization Committee members voted, up to 20,000 households could connect with the meeting, which is to be held on Wednesday, but not later than a week from Wednesday (March 23).



Please come back to this posting for confirmation regarding above.  My questions for our GOP Senators who voted on this (feel free to respond in comments below Senators)
  1. Why are we spending $2600 for this when this could easily be done in a public forum without the $2600 costs?
  2. Can anyone participate in this telephone town hall meeting or is it by special invite?
  3. What is the purpose of using this method rather than a face-to-face meetings in Sen. Hopper's district?
  4. What is the subject matter of the proposed Town Hall meeting?
  5. Were there any Senators from the Democratic party in the committee meeting where this was approved?
  6. (Follow-up to 5) Were they there but unable to vote as per the Memo from Speaker Fitzgerald? (See attached link)

I have many more questions but let's start with these. Please come back for more information as I will update this entry as answers are given and things are confirmed. 


March 15, 2011 - 3:15pm