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Spin, spin, spin again

Is that a Pete Seeger song?

James Wigderson, a right wing blogger and "special contributor" to the MacIver Institute website, has his undies in a bundle over a recent Uppity post in which I debunked Scott Walker's inflated job claims for June.

UPDATE:  What will Wiggy say now that Walker has walked back his claim?

My commentary must have gotten too much traction. Why else would Wiggy decide to spend that much time and energy typing my name repeatedly? (Not even Xoff, the whole 14 letters.)

But no matter how much the Rs try to spin it, what Walker tried to do was to give the impression that Wisconsn led the nation in job creation, and that half of the new jobs created in the entire country in June were in Wisconsin.

Neither it true, no matter how you parse it. Enough said.


July 26, 2011 - 2:33pm