Scott Walker says he'll run again for Milwaukee County executive in the spring, since being elected governor didn't work out so well.

Walker said there are many more things he wants to do before leaving office.

 "There are more social programs to slash, more parks and pools to close, more bus lines to eliminate -- and I can't wait to get started," Walker said.

"I was going to suggest we disband county government, but I think I can just dismantle it piece by piece. And, based on my record so far, I'm clearly the man for the job."

Walker had said in the past that he wouldn't serve beyond 2008, but, hey, what's a promise to a politician?

Just so you know I'm not making it up:

"Q: Just so everyone is clear, you do, if you win, plan to run again in 2004?

A: Yes. I don't have an interest in running beyond that."

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