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Sly: Tommy Had Extra-Curricular Activities with Nun!

This morning, while discussing Arnold Swartzenegger's poor behavior, beloved Madison talk show host John "Sly" Sylvestor let rip on an alleged affair between Tommy Thompson and a nun.  As you might imagine, the revealing of this alleged dalliance is lighting up the political world.  Here's the transcript from  Sly in the Morning on WTDY in Madison Wisconsin:

Sly: This is just a joke. We have these marriages of conveniance... Look at Sue Anne Thompson! Look at Sue Anne Thompson! She put up with that bum for years! Tommy has been hopping from bed to bed to bed and EVERYONE knows it! And we still put this cherade on that Sue Anne Thompson had objections to him running. Sue Anne Thompson plays no role in his life, whatsoever-- the last time she saw his penus, TV was black and white! I am sick of these women vouching for their bum husbands!

Dylan: You march down to church and talk to Sister Bridgette right now about all this!
Sly: We gotta tell this story, we gotta tell this story... Dylan calls me up and says 'Tommy Thompson is on my plane' so I said, 'Dylan, here's what I want you to do: I want you to walk up to the governor and ask how Sister Bridgette is"... so, Dylan what happened next?

Dylan: I sat right accross the aisle from him the whole time and we exchanged some pleasantries... and then right when were leaving, at the end of flight, as we're walking up that funny terminal thing and I say, "Governor Thompson, I saw Sister Bridgette and I just wanted to let you know she says 'hi' " ... and he turns around and gives me the dirtiest look any has ever given... just pure disdain and contempt... and through gritted teeth says 'thanks'

Sly: Sister Bridgette was an... acquaintance... of the former governor and a nun or former nun... whatever

Dylan: She was kind of his BAD HABIT...

Sly: Well, believe me, he's had a change of many habits

Dylan: Anyone that runs on this family values crap, deserves to be called out.

Hilarious and not only from the family values Thompson, but also from the same guy that says gays will ruin the institution of marriage. You've done a good enough job of that yourself, Tommy!


May 18, 2011 - 2:52pm