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The shortfall that wouldn't die

Part of the "It's Working" scenario constantly spun by the Republicans in Wisconsin revolves around perennial tax cuts and "putting money in the taxpayer's pockets"  and apparently rising leads one to believe that maybe too little cash is sticking in Madison.  Other recent news makes it clear that the administration has been helping put more cash in the pockets of some taxpayers (and out-of-staters) than others. Past experience shows that the most likely outcome of this will be another "fiscal crisis" that will require draconian cuts to programs aiding the poor, education, and any other program not dictated by corporate donors.

Republican fiscal policy seems to spend more money while lowering taxes.  Imagine if you consistently could not pay your credit card bills every month, and decided that the answer is to work fewer hours.  This is the sort of voodoo involved, but apparently anything goes as long as you can keep claiming "tax cuts" whether the state has the money or not.

It's time for new leadership in Wisconsin.  We need a Governor and Legislature that will make decisions based on reality rather than ideology. We need a government of fiscal responsibility rather than one that always assumes the rosiest picture and then acts surprised when the real world sets in. It's not working, and it's beginning to be painfully obvious. Our only hope for recovering the state is to vote in November for people who will restore a responsible, non-corrupt, and equitable government to the state.


September 8, 2014 - 4:17pm