I'm sure you've all by now read about the flap with Senator Allen and his "Macaca" comment.

MoveOn is sponsoring a campaign to have the Republicans remove support from Allen and to denounce racism as a campaign tactic.


Subject: Sen. Allen has to go


On Friday Republican Senator George Allen sunk to a new low. At a campaign stop the Virginia senator singled out the only non-white member of the audience--S.R. Sidarth, a young Indian-American volunteering for his opponent--and called him "macaque" (a racial slur meaning 'monkey'). He went on to say, "welcome to America." As it happens, Mr. Sidarth was born and raised in Virginia.

Can you join me in asking the Republican National Committee to take a stand against these tactics and withdraw support for Sen. Allen? (You can also watch video of the incident through the link below).