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Sen. Tim Cullen needs our support

State Sen. Tim Cullen (pictured) needs to hear from us.

Cullen, a current and former Dem senator from Janesville, is the one who has been trying to broker some sort of agreement on the budget repair bill so the 14 Dems can support it.

There have been conflicting reports about what's going on, and all sorts of rumors. Scott Fitzgerald, the GOP leader, has fueled it by claiming Cullen told him some Dems would be back today. They aren't, and neither is Cullen. I suggest we need to weigh in with him and thank him for standing his ground. Living in Illinois is not what he signed up for when he ran last fall, and no doubt he and many others would like to come home. But to do that, they must insist on getting an agreement on their bottom line in the budget review bill -- that the union-busting language come out.

Please thank Sen. Cullen for what he's done so far, and for standing his ground. He needs to know the people are with him, not the anti-union zealots trying to run Wisconsin into the ground.


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March 2, 2011 - 2:47pm