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Scotty Walker sends Santa a letter

Apparently Scott Walker has gotten word that the old Obama Grinch is about ready to be replaced by a new, happy, Jolly Old St. Nick - and he's written a letter asking for presents. Lots of presents. Presents for Wisconsin. 

Lots of drug tests for people who need a hand because -- well, okay, I have to admit I just don't understand that one at all, but maybe the new Santa in town does. 

Higher costs for people on Medicaid who "Purposely increase their health risks" - but only if they're really poor. New Santa probably will like this - rich kids are the only ones to get the good presents. It's the modern equivalent of getting a lump of coal because you live in the wrong neighborhood.

Faster permits --- fast fast fast. Because it's much more important to get things done fast than well.

More control over keeping refugees out of the state - because nothing says the spirit of Christmas like throwing people out of the inn, then into the manger, then out on the street. 

Dirty air - errr, no - I meant to say "protecting air quality without cumbersome regulations" - this sounds a little like replacing science with magic --- THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS!!

Read the entire letter attached and imagine what levels of fresh hell are going to be cooked up in the new world of de-regulation and having the entire country open for the (monkey)business we've had here in Wisconsin.   Better watch out, little Scotty - you'll shoot your eye out. 


December 20, 2016 - 8:23pm