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Scott Walker's Third World Wisconsin

As a consultant who works with developing nations, I regularly refer to the GINI Coefficient when examining the unequal distribution of income and wealth in developing nations.  Stable and successful nations are more likly to have a more equal distribution of wealth and income (low GINI Coefficient) than disfunctional, unstable or developing (third World) nations (higher GINI Coeffiient).  For exaample, in a recent study of global innovation by the INSEAD Business School, three Scandinavian countries were identified as being among the top six nations for innovation. (the US was 7th).  These three nations with their population and their GINI Coefficient are shown below .  I have also included the population and GINI Coefficient of Wisconsin to illustrate how far we are away from resonable income distribution.

Sweden, Population 9,366,092, GINI Coefficient 25.0

Finland, Population 5,366,100, GINI Coefficient 26.9

Denmark, Popularion 5,540,240, GINI Coefficient 23.0

Wisconsin, Population 5,686,986, GINI Coefficient 43.2


Clearly, the distribution of wealth and income in Wisconsin is  nowhere near the equitable distribution of wealth in these three innovative nations.  These nations, incidently, where many of Wisconsin's current residents' anscestors and traditions came from.  It would make sense to look at the policies of these nations and see what can be done to move Wisconsin toward their kind of innovation and wealth distribution.


But, where is Governor Walker looking?  None of his initiatives have done any thing to tax the wealthy or maintain the middle class or help the folks on the bottom.  Rather, he has rewarded those on top attacked those in the middle and punished those on the bottom.  He, and the Republicans, seem perfectlhy happy with this.  So, lets see what countries have income and wealth distribution similar to that of Wisconsin?

Cambodia, GINI Coefficient 43.0

Thailand, GINI Coefficent 43.0

Nicaragua, GINI Coefficient 43.1

Wisconsin, GINI Coefficient 43.1

Guyana, GINI Coefficient 43.2

Nigeria,  GINI Coefficient 43.7

Critics of Scott Walker have said that he wants  Wisconsin to become like Mississippi.  I would like to propose the following;

"Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans are not content with Wisconsin being the Nicaragua of the north, they are doing everything in their power to make Wisconsin the Nigeria of the west."


September 11, 2011 - 3:15pm