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Scott Walker Should Resign

[img_assist|nid=141740|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=243]You shouldn't be shocked by that headline.  In fact, the question isn’t why should he resign; the question is, why shouldn’t he?

After being a not-so-distant part of the caucus scandal which claimed the political life of many of Walker's colleagues in the state legislature, Walker did it again:  He reassembled many of the same players from the caucus scandal and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers to fund his campaign. And he lied about it. Repeatedly.

That's what we learned in yesterday's email dump:  Walker’s campaign was being run out of Walker's County Executive office and despite his repeated claims that there was never any campaign work on the taxpayer's dime, the emails clearly show he not only knew about it, but that he was the hands on ring leader. 

Everyone is comparing him to Chris Christie.  Nope.  No way.  He's way past Christie.  I'd say he's a Blago-Nixon hybrid.   Blago in the sense that he completely retooled his government office into a tricked out campaign machine. And Nixon, who he’s outdone with his repeated lying and obvious obstruction into investigations about it.  Blixon.

Oh, but it seems so sudden and reactionary to ask him to actually resign from office—you know, like when Walker demanded that former Governor Jim Doyle resign.  Actually, the opposite is true:  The state of Wisconsin is the classic frog that doesn't realize it’s in a pot of cooking water.  We've become so acclimated to the slight upticks in temperature over several years that we've lost sight of the fact that Walker, unlike Doyle, did something absurdly wrong here.  

Every elected leader in this state, on both sides of the aisle, should be calling for him to resign and if he doesn't, he should be impeached.




February 20, 2014 - 11:53am