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Scott Walker needs to fire Brett Davis and Cullen Werwie -- now

When is Scott Walker going to fire Brett Davis and Cullen Werwie from their state jobs in his administration?

Both of them were up to their eyeballs in the illegal fundraising scandal for which a former Walker staffer, Kelly Rindfleisch, was charged with four felonies on Thursday.

A key finding in the charges against  Kelly Rindfleisch, who was Walker's deputy chief of staff in the Milwaukee County exec's office, is that Rindfleisch spent most of her time doing political fundraising at taxpayer expense.

She was, the criminal complaint says, raising money for Davis, who was then a state representative running for the GOP nomination  for lieutenant governor.  He was Walker's  preferred running mate, but lost the primary to Rebecca Kleefisch.

The complaint says that she sent some 300 emails to Davis during her working hours at the county, most related to fundraising.  She also sent or received some 1,380 emails related fundraising activities during working hours. 

Werwie, who was running Davis's campaign, was in the loop and exchanged many of those emails with Rindfleisch, the complaint shows. Davis and Walker were Rindfleisch's bosses.

Werwie, you may recall, was granted immunity when he testified in the John Doe investigation that so far has produced charges against four Walker staffers, and is continuing with more almost certain to come.  Whether it reaches Walker himself or not, it has exposed some of his top aides in the county exec's office as lawbreakers and thieves.

So Werwie can't be charged by the DA.  He cooperated.  (Walker claimed at the time Werwie's role in the John Doe was revealed that he didn't even know Werwie had testified, and had not talked to him about it.  Maybe he should have.

The investigators questioned 10 people who were involved with planning fundraisers for Davis, but they said that although they interacted with Rindfleisch during business hours they didn't know she worked  in the county exec's office.

Werwie and Davis certainly knew, and knew what she was doing was illegal.  Besides her salary of about $60,000 plus benefits that county taxpayers paid for, Rindfleisch was paid $5,000 for three months work by the Davis for LtGov campaign.

Werwie continues to work in the governor's office as a media spokesperson.  And Davis is the state's Medicaid director, a plum job.

Although they have not been charged, both of them clearly conspired to break the law.

When will Walker fire them, or demand their resignations?  It's already a day too late.



January 26, 2012 - 9:29pm