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Scott Walker Has Left the State and is No Longer Governor: Kleefisch Acting Governor

According to my research, during Scott Walker's tenure in office, he has traveled outside his home state more than any other governor in the United States and he's also traveled outside the state more than any other governor in Wisconsin history, during their first year in office.

This is especially important in Wisconsin, where of our constitution clearly states that each and every time the governor leaves the state, the Lt. Governor is empowered as the "acting governor" from the moment the governor leaves "until the governor returns."

Now is such a time:  Scott Walker has again left the state. (This time to do campaign fundraising in Florida and speak to a conservative group in Naples.)

At this moment, Scott Walker has abdicated his responsibility as Wisconsin Governor to Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch:  Rebecca Kleefisch is the governor right now!

By my count, this is Walker's fourth trip to Florida.  He's also traveled to Kentucky, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Nevada and Texas. He has\also gone to Washington DC seven times and New York city nine times. 

He's been everywhere, man.  Often times he takes his sidekick and taxpayer-paid press secretary, Cullen Werwie, with him.

When the 14 state senators left the state for their walk-out filibuster, Walker finger-wagged at the Senators to "come back and do your job!"  And that admonition came after the Senators were gone for 20 days.

By my count, Walker has been out of the state all or part of 42 days since he became governor-- about twice the time the "Wisconsin 14" were outside the state.

Governor Walker, "come back and do your job!"





February 7, 2012 - 5:37pm