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Scott Walker coming home

As expected Governor Walker has just announced that he is "suspending" his campaign for president. In a brief speech the Governor explained that he is dropping out of the campaign to clear the field for other candidates, and encouraged others to do the same to allow a "positive conservative" message to ovvertake the Democratic alternatives. Perhaps we will now see the Governor in our state more often, and have more of a chance to hold him accountable.

Multiple news sources including the New York Times are reporting that the press conference that Scott Walker has called in Madison at 5 PM today will be for the purposes of announcing that he is withrdrawing from the presidential campaign.

In recent weeks Walker's poll numbers have been imploding, including a poll this week in which he placed under 1% of support for the Iowa primary. Sources say that Walker is quickly running out of money in his campaign as donors have been shifting money to candidates with a more likely chance of winning.

Personally I worry about the fact that a disgruntled and angry governor will return to the state and will "Wreak Havoc" in Wisconsin, rather than in Washington as promised. As if enough damage had not been done already.

More news after the press conference.


September 21, 2015 - 4:46pm