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Scot(t) Free, As Usual

I've mostly retired from the Cheddarsphere, but here's a post from a friend:

From watching media reports, you’d think that Gov. Scott Walker has nothing to do with the stinking financial debacle called the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC).

Well think again.

In a controversial move just two years ago, Walker himself initiated WEDC creation, pushing out career employees of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. He put in charge a Republic politician, former Green Bay Mayor Paul Jadin. And, the WEDC board chairman? Gov. Walker himself.

The results have been a disaster. We’ve seen lots of coverage of problems at WEDC, but Walker and the GOP is never blamed from the mess. Here,

To hear it in the media, it sorta just happened, and Walker’s gonna fix, it. Walker himself is never called on the carpet.

Democrats have been disappointingly quiet. Maybe they should ask – WWRD? (“What would Republicans do?”) For example, when federal loans to a solar power company went south, national Republicans repeatedly tied the problem personally to President Barack Obama. Yet Obama didn’t create the agency, force out any professionals or head the board. Still, the GOP public drumbeat generated much press coverage and many editorials blaming Obama.

So let’s not just blamer the media for letting Scott Walker off scot free. It’s also Democrats, who are failing to call attention to Walker’s colossal administrative and fiscal failure.

If Gov. Doyle had created the WEDC mess, WWRD? Need you ask?


January 2, 2013 - 8:38pm