School Privatization Money Pours into Central Wisconsin

Update - Rightwing school privatization mailers are again flooding central Wisconsin in an effort to defeat two  water warriors.

The shadow political machine that came into being after the 2010 Citizens United decision is making another prominent appearance in an effort to defeat Dave Gorski, (D-Wisconsin Rapids), in the 72nd assembly district and State Sen. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) in central Wisconsin.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is attempting to gin up sentiment against Lassa for ... a successful 2011 effort by Democratic state senators to warn Wisconsin about the bomb Gov. Scott Walker dropped on Wisconsin.

"This is what they have against Julie?" asked an exasperated resident of Wood County.

But it is the 72nd assembly race featuring pro-school privatization State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) against water warrior Dave Gorski that the low character of dark money is on display.

Gorski is a retired public school counselor and disabled rights champ who was a caregiver for his disabled wife before she passed away last year.

What does the Ameican Federation for Children do? It attacks Gorski by fabricating an anti-student and anti-disabled American charge.

From Dave Gorski's campaign page: "With the help of Family Care/Community Care Connect Wisconsin, I served as my wife’s primary care giver until she passed away on September 22, 2015. She died with her dog on her bed and her son and I holding her hands. Through this process, I learned how important our community-based Aging and Disability Resource Centers and Community Care offices are."

But the school privatization rightwing money would have folks believe Dave is against public school students and the rights for the disabled.

The mailing, reportedly aimed at high-Republican voting areas, is garnering outrage. (Another attack mailing out claims Gorski is fighting the working class.)

"I received a campaign flyer this week regarding David Gorski saying he 'opposes allowing children with special needs to attend schools that are better-suited to address their disabilities.' I have known Dave for about 25 years now and can tell you he wants the best for ALL children. He worked hard for ALL children in the Nekoosa School District. He nourished a special program for disabled students through Opportunity Development Center in Wisconsin Rapids, which serves disabled students and adults. His own wife was disabled and he took care of her at home until she passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s," writes Sue Savage, a resident of Nekoosa in Wood County. "Dave is a compassionate person of integrity that doesn’t deserve the dirty politics that have been thrown at him in this election. It really makes me sad that these special interest groups from out of state are stooping to such low levels as to say he chooses special interests over working families and he will raise our taxes and 'squeeze every last penny from us.' Dave Gorski is NOT working for any special interests and that seems to be the problem because his opponent is certainly working for the special interests throwing big money into this election! I can say with 100% confidence that David Gorski is working for the common man, not the big corporations – David Gorski is working for ALL of our children – David Gorski is working to save our clean water and our environment – David Gorski IS the person we need in Madison! "

Ms. Savage is right on all counts, and what the rightwing really has against Gorski is his commitment to clean and safe water.

In rightwing land, it's indecent. The way to campaign is for Scott Krug and his extremist friends to inflict as much psychological abuse as possible on a disabled rights champ, educator and public school advocate by claiming he is against rights for the disabled and public schools. Welcome to the muck where Krug resides.