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Scandal! Barrett campaign isn't broke!

Wow, here's some hot-breaking political news: Tom Barrett is going to end the year with some money, perhaps $100,000 or more, in his campaign account, which he could use to run for mayor in 2012, Dan Bice reports.

The tone of the column suggests that there's something a little fishy or wrong with Barrett not having spent every last dollar in his campaign for governor, or that he might use the leftovers to run for re-election.

What's missing is any context. When Barrett, much to his surprise, found himself last year to be the Dems' last, best hope to be a candidate for gov, he had something like $900,000 in his mayoral campaign account. He then switched the account to the governor's race and spent, apparently, all but $100,000 of that on the gov's race. The campaign wisely decided not to leave him totally broke the day after the election.

So, what exactly is the problem with him using whatever is left to run for mayor?

Nothing. It's perfectly legal and perfectly legit.

Next question?


November 22, 2010 - 2:22pm