Sao Lue Vang's attacker gets 10 days jail time | WisCommunity

Sao Lue Vang's attacker gets 10 days jail time

A contentious court case in Northwestern Wisconsin ended today with the sentencing of Kevin Elberg. Elberg beat Sao Lue Vang last year after he accidentally trespassed on Elberg's land while squirrel hunting. Many in this part of the state saw this as a test of whether a Hmong immigrant who served in support of the US military could receive justice after being beaten by a much younger and stronger man who appeared to have been drinking at the time.  A 10 day sentence with 2 years of probation and some community service hardly seems just.

The previous sentencing hearing for Elberg was cancelled due to an inability to reach a successful plea bargain. Muliple protests in Durand over the last several months were held in concern that the case would be plea-bargained down to a misdemeanor, which it was. Sao Lue Vang received multiple injuries in the beating, including a lacerated liver and many internal injuries.


May 5, 2015 - 2:41pm