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Same as it Ever Was

It's been a while since I have taken to the interwebs to add to the discourse. As a matter of fact, it was about this time in the last presidential race when I put up my last post: I qualified my logic for voting for Santorum. My logic deduced that Santorum was the best choice back in 2012 if you were a progressive and you wanted to use your vote in the presidential primary. 

But this time around we are offered a choice and that is one of the primary (pun intended) reasons why I've decided that early March of 2016 is the time for me to come back out of my blogging hibernation. The choice of Bernie Sanders in this upcoming Wisconsin Primary on April 5 is one of the first times since 2010 that I had a candidate that I could dedicate a substantial amount of my personal time and treasure to help get elected.

I worked hard on Russ Feingold's campaign in 2010 and met some life long friends in that fight. If you remember this was the same election where Scatt REKAWL Walker was elected and played a decisive part of that GOP swing in Wisconsin that took out one of the most progressive Senators in the Senate - Russ Feingold and we replaced him with a GOP putz: Ron Johnson.

I also worked to defeat Sean Duffy in 2012. That year I worked with a couple of good friends to try to create a viral video that is still relevant today. ,  Eric Rosenquist got together and created the video that I launced right here on Uppity Wisconsin in my piece titled "". Give us some hits on that related video and maybe we can make it work this time around. That election as well as the REKAWL elections took a lot from my political soul. It was during those REKAWL races I learned that the Koch money was working far better than the sweat and tears of me an my associates. Duffy won as well. 

But I'm not holding my head in shame. No quite the oppisite! I've come out during this political cycle very much engaged.  and I will work for Bernie's win. I've also picked my candidate for the 3rd Congressional Seat of Wisconsin:

Myron has and will be running in the August 9 primary against Ron Kind. I've known Myron for over 15 years, stood with him for many hours over these last 15 years in hopes of raising the consciencousness of our citizens regarding our wars and that we should be ending these unlawful and unending wars. Myron is not a single issue candidate and he stands tall and strong for working families. Please go to and find out more. You'll find that Myron stands on the Wisconsin and Federal Democratic Party planks in a much better standing than his Democratic opponent, Ron Kind. I promise to give you more on Myron in my upcoming posts. 

So welcome back if you are one of my readers. Please welcome me back by your comments and sharing! -saw-d


March 12, 2016 - 6:37am