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A RTW clue-train for Scott Walker

Bloomberg News reported today that at his signing ceremony for the Republican Party's new right-to-twerk-us law, Scott Walker praised the measure while insisting it wasn't his idea:

At a bill-signing Monday, Walker said the push for the right-to-work bill, passed last week by the legislature, came from lawmakers themselves.

“Our leaders here led,” Walker, 47, said during a ceremony in Brown Deer, Wis. “It was the leadership you see here who drove the train on this.”

Hmm. Yeah. Leaders who lead with leadership. Lead-footed ones, at that. Just about covers it, at least in Walkerspeak, which increasingly sounds like the mostly content-free Dubyaspeak.

Last week, Team Walker (which, as court records and criminal convictions document, has vast experience running a secret, illicit email system from within government) criticized Hillary Clinton for setting up a private email account for herself. And today Walker actually used the metaphor of a RAILROAD TRAIN in applauding GOP lawmakers for enacting right-to-twerk-us at high speed.

At this rate, when signing his budget provision that essentially sucks dry the University of WIsconsin System's finances, we might expect Walker to describe the measure as an incredible teaching moment.

Are the Walkerites really so tone deaf? Another high-speed fail for the gang that simply can't shoot straight.


March 9, 2015 - 9:37pm