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A room of its own

When Scott Walker dropped this bombshell on the state, I had no idea it was going to explode as it did.  Even though I think that the events surrounding this are vitally important, I also think we need to start devoting some space on the front page to other things happening in the state and the world.  Through the course of the day (Sunday) you'll be seeing some changes in the site.  We'll have , which will incorporate our own stories and other items from other sources.  This will take a while, and the page will add more items as time goes on.  The new page will be called Out-Out Damn Scott and will show up some time later today in a minimal form.  We'll continue to put breaking items and other items of importance on the front page as well.  Things will be a little messy today, but will straighten out as time goes on.

I'm back in the office now, and will probably stay here as other people in the Cheddarsphere do the on-the-ground reporting from Madison.  I'll be here working on tools and other means for you to keep up.


February 20, 2011 - 9:20am