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Ron "Never Took a Subsidy" Johnson is Part-Owner in Gov-Subsidized PBS Program

Here we go again. 

Ron Johnson, the Tea Party candidate that frequently criticizes government subsidies and famously said he "never" took a government subsidy has once again been caught with his hand in the government cookie jar.

According to the bio section of LightTime, a PACUR subsidiary, Ron Johnson is a part-owner in the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program "Hometime," which is a national show hosted by his brother, Dean Johnson.

PBS is a heavily government-subsidized nonprofit that was created by LBJ, when he signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.  PBS gets 40% of their funding from local, state and federal tax dollars.  The majority of their funding comes from private donations, but these donations are tax-deductible and are also subsidized. In addition, as a nonprofit, PBS doesn't have to pay the same taxes as other corporations and is also subsized in that respect.

The debate over whether or not PBS should be subsidized by the government has been raging since its in inception in 1967 and more voraciously in the last 25 years.  How Johnson's involvement in Hometime could escape his memory when he said that he "never" took a government subsidy is baffling. 

Considering that this is the lastest in a long line of government subsidies that have come to light involving Johnson, it is fair to say that Johnson's "never" comments are one of three things:  He is woefully uninformed about government subsidies, he has severe memory problems, or he is intentionally being untruthful about his record.



September 23, 2010 - 8:38am