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Ron Johnson is The World's Most Ungrateful Son-in-Law: Has Never once Acknowledged Billionaire Father-In-Law

Johnson's father-in-law, Harold Curler, was a genuine self-made industrialist.  He started the plastics company Curwood in the 50s and by the 70s he was leading one of the world's largest plastics companies, Bemis.  By the time he retired in the late 1990s, he was a billionaire and a titan in the plastics industry.

Sometime around 1972, his daughter Jane starts dating Ron Johnson, who she would marry five years later.  In 1979, Bemis was building a new plant in Oshkosh and Howard Curler gave a slice of the Bemis pie to his son (Patrick Curler) and Johnson, by creating and building PACUR, which would be a "captive supplier" of the new Bemis plant in Oshkosh and, in fact, would be located right accross the street.

As an aside, Howard Curler would also take care of the rest of his family.  His son, Jeff Curler, was CEO of a Bemis subsidiary and would take Howard Curler's spot at CEO of Bemis when he retired. Pat Curler and Johnson were set-up with PACUR.  Another Howard Curler daughter married Robert Krostue, who runs the Bemis-subsidary Perfecseal plant (which is a backyard neighbor to PACUR).  Another son, Mike Curler, was set-up at a company called Centracor, which was actually broken-off from PACUR in the mid-80s and made non-plastic products and was the part of the business that PACUR's predecessor (Wisconsin Industrial Shipping Supplies) used to make.

Now, fast forward to 2010.  Ron Johnson is running for the U.S. Senate.  He tells everyone that he is a rich guy that will spend all of his fortune on the Senate race. How did he make his money?  Here's what he told The Hill:

Over 31 years of very hard work, I’ve tucked away, outside of business, enough money to get my message out.  If I have to, I’ll spend it all.

No mention that his father-in-law was billionaire Curler and that 99.99% of his personal fortune is due to the fact that he married Curler's daughter.

What's more,  he repeatedly intimated that he was a self-made man that "started" his business from the "ground-up," without ever mentioning that he wasn't even in the state when PACUR was being built and that PACUR was not only a creation of Howard Curler, but would feed from the Curler-controlled Bemis trough throughout its entire life.

By every measure, Ron Johnson is a "fence post turtle" and the only way a turtle get's on a fence post is if someone puts them there-- that someone was Howard Curler. 

Yet, Ron Johnson has never, not even once, thanked, acknowledged, or even mentioned the name Howard Curler.

This would be the equivelent of Dick Leinenkugel intimating that he started Leinenkugel's and never acknowledging his great-grandfather for starting the business and his father for building it into a big business and generating the personal fortune he enjoys.  Same thing for '04 Senate candidate Tim Michels.

If Leinenkugel or Michels tried to pull such a stunt, it would be absurd, and the media would be all over him for it. Yet, strangely, Johnson has pulled the exact same stunt and the media has been almost completly silent. 

And we wonder why the race is so close?


September 17, 2010 - 9:01am