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Ron Johnson Relies On BadgerCare For His Employees

Ron Johnson apparently "earned" his millions thanks to his in-laws giving him in the plastics industry. He is now spending those millions on a plastic campaign -- admitting to and the media until after the election, (even from his own !) and the public, and that he has no plan to create jobs and if he were to be elected.

The latest revelation? Ron Johnson, that supposed hard-working, right wing free-marketer, :

  • At a candidate forum in Madison in July, Ron Johnson said that as company president of PACUR LLC, .
  • Yesterday it was revealed , the state-subsidized health insurance plan for low-income workers. Obviously Ron Johnson’s too rich to receive BadgerCare, so I can’t help but wonder what Ron Johnson meant when he said he has the same health insurance plan as his employees.
  • What’s more, it’s also been discovered several PACUR employees . Ron Johnson has repeatedly said that he has a health care plan at PACUR in which employees are offered a health savings account, pay their own medical bills out of the account, and get to keep any of the money left over. What’s interesting is that among the health care “plans” proposed by Ron Johnson to replace the Democratic health care reform legislation passed earlier this year includes health savings accounts – the very same health savings accounts that have clearly failed to help Ron Johnson’s employees at PACUR to avoid being overwhelmed by health care costs.

These last two weeks will be critical. Outside of millions of family money spent on carefully crafted ads by his , Ron Johnson is still unknown by Wisconsin voters. The race is now a . And the more that reporters (like ) and voters demand answers from Johnson before election day, the further he will fall.


October 20, 2010 - 9:36am