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Ron Johnson (R-China): Says U.S. Corps SHOULD Get Tax Break for Sending Jobs to China!

Recently the Senate's Budget committee had a hearing on corporate tax subsidies and how they have significantly hampered tax revenues. This is one of the few topics that rookie Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson actually knows something about: The plastic company his father in law gave him has gotten millions in corporate tax subsidies over the years.

But, this is no longer "businessman" Ron Johnson this is Senator Ron Johnson, who recently got elected almost entirely on sounding the alarm of the skyrocketing deficit. Senator Ron Johnson would be all over this, right?!?

Wrong: Johnson ran every tired excuse out there for why we can't touch corporate taxes.

He even argued against ending the subsidy that allows U.S. corporations with plants in China to be taxed at a lower rate than if their plant was located in United States! In fact, Johnson even argued that instead of killing the subsidy, the U.S. should lower it's corporate tax rate by 15 percent to be on par with China and not be at a "competitive disadvantage."

In the video below, Johnson is repeatedly caught off guard by Citizens for Tax Justice's Director, Bob McIntyres use of facts and logic. Whenver Johnson get's into trouble, he runs to Koch brother's hack, Scott Hodges from the , for some ridiculous, Orwellian explanation of why down is up and ice is fire.



April 12, 2011 - 4:40pm