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Ron Johnson negotiated $10-million payoff -- with himself

We noted awhile back that Sen. Ron Johnson, who spent $8.7-million of his own money on his campaign, later paid himself $10-million from the plastics firm he owned in Oshkosh. Coincidence? Are you kidding?

Now Dan Bice has the story, and he has the advantage in that he actually spoke to Johnson --- at least until he decided it was none of Bice's business -- and confirmed what happened.  RoJo said it was deferred compensation.

Best exchange: 

Unlike most deferred package deals, however, it appears that the company had not set aside a specified amount annually that would be paid out when he left the firm. Instead, Johnson said the $10 million payment was "an agreed-upon amount" that was determined at the end of his tenure with the company.


Agreed upon with whom?


"That would be me," he said.

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June 23, 2011 - 11:37pm