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Ron Johnson lecturing on the Constitution? Priceless. No, worthless.

This may break some new ground.

Oshkosh’s own, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson will make his way to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to speak in September as part of the annual Constitution Day activities.


Constitution Day, recognized nationally on Sept. 17, commemorates the ratification of the Constitution in 1787 and encourages students to become informed citizens...

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students and the community to hear Senator Ron Johnson deliver his first major address devoted to the Constitution,” said David Siemers, political science professor. “At UW Oshkosh we stress that everyone has a responsibility to learn about and participate in our community. Senator Johnson’s appearance allows our students to hear from and interact with an important policy maker up close, and his speech should increase meaningful dialogue on campus about what the United States stands for.”

Will Johnson will explain his authority to appoint federal judges?

here's what RoJo said in June 2010 during his campaign:

You know what, I will say, you know, prior to doing this I’ve sat down and read the Constitution, probably, clearly, probably 3, probably about 5-6 times. It is not an easy document to read. It is not, unless you study it in detail. It is hard to study, (It’s) so broad…”

Of course, he now has some Senate staff ro read it for him, so maybe we will hear Patrick McIlheran's interpretation of the Consitution.  Scary.

If you Google Ron Johnson Constitution, you'll find all sorts of other fun tidbits.

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August 26, 2011 - 5:45pm