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Ron Johnson: Empty Whiteboard

The Wisconsin press has finally stood up and taken notice of the only real fact about this election that matters: Ron Johnson is an , his carefully crafted and endlessly broadcast image a complete creation of DC consultants and the millions of dollars he has spent on TV ads - and whose lack of engagement on the campaign trail is an insult to the entire state of Wisconsin:

Ron Johnson’s hometown paper called Johnson out for his lack of specifics:

“His answer to questions in the limited interviews and appearances he has made have shown a propensity for vague and scripted talking points that strike emotional chords without substance or thought.” [ 10/24/10]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote in their editorial:

“In Johnson, we do not see sufficient depth in his professional experience or his stated positions. In him, we fear, the nation will get one more senator who will disdain bipartisanship and compromise at a time when a deeply divided government needs both…Aside from vapid talking points about TARP and the stimulus bill, Johnson has no answer.  Johnson has no answer - or the wrong answer - on many topics.”[, 10/24/10]

Since announcing his candidacy, Ron Johnson has regularly avoided offering details:

I’ll say just no opinion,’ he replied when asked about Bush’s tenure as president. ‘He has his pluses andminuses.’” []

“So where, exactly, would Johnson cut? Johnson’s ads don’t specify any programs. Neither does his web site, which offers up the usual generalities, such as ‘Unsustainable spending is a threat to our freedom’ — part of a vague four-paragraph statement on debt reduction and spending.” []

“Johnson has said the federal government is overspending the nation into unstable levels of debt and painted Feingold as being part of the problem. He has been vague about suggesting what he would do differently, though, saying in his ads the answer is to rely on “discipline, hard work and common sense.”[]

A Johnson victory next week would be an historic and painful loss for elections decided by voters and not corporations, for the Wisconsin tradition of meaningful civic representation, and for the entire state of Wisconsin.



October 25, 2010 - 10:27am