RoJo's greatest hit is off-key: Obamacare more threatening than communism, terrorism

The Wisconsin State Journal's On Politics column compares politicians to rock stars and says Sen. Ron Johnson's -- they've started calling him RoJo, which may (or may not) have begun on this blog -- classic hit is his claim that Obamacare is the worst threat to freedom that has happened in his lifetime.

When he said that to Al Hunt on his Bloomberg show recently, Hunt called him on it.

For the record, in the senator's lifetime, America has endured segregation, the Cold War and the threat of terrorism. That fact was not lost on Hunt, who pressed Johnson about his oft-repeated refrain and asked him specifically about the threat of communism.


"I wasn't threatened under communism," Johnson countered.


"You weren't threatened by terrorism?" Hunt asked.


RoJo paused, then said, "I'm talking about things that are imposed on me by this, by our government in America."

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July 16, 2011 - 11:41am