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RoJoke Tells HHS Sec. Sebelius He Knows More Than She Does About Health Insurance

Yes, Kathleen Sebelius, you may have been the Kansas Health Commisioner and Governor and served as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for the last two and a half years... BUT... have you ever bought private health insurance for 50 to 100 employees like Ron Johnson?!?  In fact, Johnson even knows about PPOs and HMOs:

Johnson:  You obviously understand health insurance pretty uh... deeply... have you ever purchased, though, a health care plan for a group of individuals other than the state... for 50 employees... 100 employees?

Sebelius:  Yes sir, I ran the state health insurance program, which was the largest covered group in Kanasas, for 90,000 covered lives, so we  negotiated 10 or 12 various competitive plans-- kind of the exchange that we're looking to set up in states around the country, its exactly that model.

Johnson:  Again, that's a very large group, obviously, but just understand my background:  I'm and accountant by training, business owner for the last 31 years and I've been buying health care for the people that work with me for 31 years, so I understand, you know, fee-for-service, I understand self-insured plan where you're buying aggregate and specific coverage, I know about PPOs and HMOs...

There's is nothing better than a moron trying to convince others that he's not a moron, but this is even better:  Johnson is actually intimating that the knows more than Sebelius, because he used his father-in-law's...err...his wife's... err... HIS money to buy the health insurance for his employees.

One thing that's strange, though... Johnson forgot to mention that he knows alot about Badger Care, free health care for his prison labor, and that several of his employees have been sued by hospitals because the health care plans Johnson offered failed to provide adequate coverage.  



May 10, 2011 - 4:23pm