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RoJoke on Pakistan's Government Earlier This Year: "People of Real Courage, They Are Trying to Do The Right Thing"

Earlier this year, the most unqualified Senator in Wisconsin history, went on a field trip to Afganistan and Pakistan with several other Republican senators. 

During the trip, Johnson met with Pakistani General (and defacto leader) Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who assured Johnson they are doing everything possible to find Bin Laden and fight Al Quada.

Johnson fell for it, hook, line and sinker, speaking glowingly of Kayani on the  Charlie Sykes' radio show and saying that the people running the show in Pakistan are, "People of real courage, they are trying to do the real thing."

The most suprising aspects of Johnson's comments is that they came after wikileaks had released documents last year showing that the U.S. clearly suspected that the Pakistan military / government was hiding and sheltering Bin Laden.  This suspicion was obviously confirmed by the U.S.'s deceision to keep Pakistan completely out of the loop of the planned raid of Bin Laden's compound inside of Pakistan.   

Since the raid and killing of Bin Laden, experts have almost universally said that the Pakistani military was clearly hiding Bin Laden, including the New Yorker's Lawrence Wright, who said:

"I was surprised that he was living inside an urban area, but I'm not surprised to learn that he was essentially sheltered by Pakistani intelligence and military units. I do make that assumption. I feel that for years, the Pakistani military and intelligence complex has been in the 'looking for bin Laden' business. He was a priceless asset to them because we poured billions of dollars into their pockets to try to find him. If they found him, they'd be out of business. So he was an irreplaceable asset and I think that Pakistan has a lot to answer for. This looks very incriminating. ... This gives us an opportunity to reassess exactly what our relationship with Pakistan ought to be."

Apparently the only person in Washington that didn't get the memo that Kayani and Co. were hiding Bin Laden was Ron Johnson.  Johnson's comments were foolish and naieve before Bin Laden's death, but now that we know that Bin Laden was essentially hiding in the basement while Johnson was was being worked upstairs over by Kayani, its a legitimate question to ask if a gullible doofus like Johnson (who is on the Homeland Security Committee) is actually doing more harm than good and putting the lives of Wisconsinites and all Americans at risk.




May 5, 2011 - 11:55am