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RoJo, going the Feingold way

Ron Johnson's running an insipid, content-free new TV ad critical of the "Feingold way," but a conservative talk show host in the Fox Valley says RoJo is letting Feingold show the way in the Senate race. Says Jerry Bader:

Maybe playing the "I made a rookie mistake" mea culpa will play with voters as honest. Maybe it'll make him look not ready for primetime. I'm not sure. I do know this; he's playing follow the leader and that's a terrible place to be. Trust me, there will be another Feingold ad which will prompt a response, and another, and another and another. Johnson has to break that cycle right now.

... if he doesn't go on the offensive Feingold will lead him by the nose from here to November. He has to start calling out Feingold and let Feingold respond. Yeah, it'll get ugly. It'll be uglier still for Johnson if he doesn't.

So far, it's the Feingold way or the highway. RoJo has been on the defensive since the first time he opened his mouth, and is spending vast sums now to try to undo his "rookie mistakes."

Hard to believe this is the guy who's going to go to Washington and single-handedly turn the government upside down -- if he can find the Capitol.


August 12, 2010 - 8:57pm