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Rightwing Radio Host Takes Break from Defending Roggensack to Tell Racist, Sexist Joke


Yesterday Wisconsin's King O' Comedy and right wing talk show host, Jerry Bader, told a knee-slapper for the ages.

In the about how Cheif Justice Shirley Abrahamson keeps "digging up dirt" on Justice Patience Roggensack and how she must be up to no good because she only responds to reporters' questions via email, (or like a chess-player trying avoid making a mistake), Bader told this racist/sexist two-fer joke and then let out a hardy belly-laugh, because it was just that funny:

"How is chess like real life?  It's better to be white and there's only one woman in the room and she get's to do whatever she wants. (belly laughs)."

Ba-dump-bump!  He'll be here all week, folks — don't forget to tip your waitresses... and try the veal!

Yes, in our double-standard dystopian workplaces, the ladies aren't saddled-down with the same rules as the Y-chromosome impaired menfolk and gratuitously repeating that "Prosser called Abrahamson A BITCH," before and after the joke really set the stage perfectly.

And, "It's better to be white"?  That part of the "joke" reminds of the Saturday Night Live skit where Eddie Murphy dresses up like a white guy and gets a look at what white people really think and do when black people aren't around.  Jerry apparently didn't get the memo on when and where to let your hair down, AKA the Republican seminar on how to successfully communicate "."

UPDATE:  Jerry has responded that he told the racist part of the joke wrong and that he doesn't think the sexist part of the joke as being sexist:

"It should be: 'You get to go first just because you're white,'" Bader Saturday. "The joke is, in fact, clearly a jab at white privilege, not a suggestion of white supremacy; in that white gets to go first in chess has long been used as a metaphor of white privilege."

Of course, coming from the same guy that regularly argues that white priviledge no longer is present in society and that "" I find that explanation pretty ridiculous.



March 8, 2013 - 1:05pm