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Right-to-Work, Slavery, and Sickness

United Health Foundation Report: Anti-Obamacare States are Sickest

The right wing craziness continues to be evident as the Counter-intuitive, Right to Work, Anti-Obamacare, Former Confederate Red States fail yet another test; the health of their citizens.

The United Health Foundation has just released a ranking of the 50 states by health statistics; Ranking from the healthiest (Blue Union State Vermont) to the most unhealthy (Red Right-to-Work-Confederate States Louisiana and Mississippi tied for last palace).

The ten healthiest states are Blue Union States, with the exception of Red Right-to-Work Utah (which was ranked 7th because of the Mormon prohibition of alcohol, tobacco and coffee).

The ten least healthy states were all Red States and seven of them were also Right-to-Work States

Looking at all of the States we can see that 18 of the top 25 were Blue States and 16 of those were Union States. Blue States represented 72% of the healthiest 25 states.

Looking at the sickest states, the ones that ranked as the lowest 25, we can see that 18 of the sickest 25 were Red States. Red States represented 72% of the sickest 25 states.

What about Right-to-Work States and Citizens' health? There are currently 23 Right-to-work States. Only one, Mormon Utah is in the top ten in health ranking. Five Right-to-Work States are in the top twenty healthiest states. That's 22% of the Right-to-Work States. Pretty shabby! Seven of the ten least healthy states (all Red States) are also Right-to-Work States.

Another point to consider, of the 24 states that went for Romney and against Obama and Obamacare, eleven were former members of the Confederacy and eight were in former territories which allowed slavery and nineteen are Right-to-Work States.

There is a recurring theme among these numbers; Slavery and Sickness.


December 11, 2012 - 1:17pm