Rev Spitz on Planned Parenthood Bombing: "I wish that abortion mill had burned to the ground"

This morning I got the above lovely message from the Rev. Donald Spitz, who is considered the leader of the terrorist movement that advocates killing anyone involved in health clinics that provide abortions. 

He runs the group "Army of God" and has a website by the same name.

Although Spitz does not personally take part in violence, he preaches it to his followers and then after they kill or do physical harm to them, he acts as their spiritual advisor in prison-- including murderer Paul Allen.   This is what the Virginian Pilot wrote about him in 2008:

"...a dangerous figure in a bloody, underground movement responsible for clinic bings, killings of abortion doctors, and anthrax threats. Some even call him one of the worst possible names in this day and age: terrorist. He's proud to count as friends people who have been to prison - and one who has been executed - for anti-abortion violence."

This guy is a terrorist and needs to be behind bars.