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Retired Republican Businessman, Jack Lohman, Gets it Right Again!

#444444;">This "austerity" is a Republican Thing!

#444444;">Not that it's totally bad, it's called "starve the beast." But YOU are the beast!

#444444;">By Jack E. Lohman

#444444;">Forgive me if I'm not sold.

#444444;">Those who are well off have been convinced that the less fortunate want in their pocket. And they are wrong. They just want a fair shot at the ring and the tables are stacked against them. In fact, they BOTH have a common enemy and that's the politician willing to accept bribes for favors. Some of us see the ploy; most don't.

#444444;">But major cash dollars have been diverted from public schools, and private schools are ripping off the taxpayers. But as I recall, private universities can give political cash and government schools can't, so we have a corruption problem.

#444444;">YES we are spending more than we should on schools, but diverting to private for-profit investors is not the solution. *IF* we were smart we'd give free schooling for top students for needed professions. Through college!!! But instead, those with cash take precedence.

#444444;">An estimated $20-30 trillion have been siphoned off to offshore banks. Tax free!!! The trick is to send 80% to the offshore bank and 20% to the politicians who write the rules with the necessary loopholes to permit the transfer. THAT is how we get things done in America.

#444444;">And get this: that money is NOT invested in jobs, as we so commonly hear. If it was we'd not be in such dire shape. Not only have the rules been shaped, but taxes (you know, "revenue") are now at a 30-year low. And they want to lock them in place.

#ff0000;">The only fix to our economy is to get the politicians off the payroll of the 1%. The only fix for healthcare is to put politicians on Medicaid. No more gold-plated health and retirement packages.


September 28, 2012 - 8:24am