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Republicans inadvertently reveal political motive in early voting law changes

 Perhaps without realizing it, Republicans admit there is a political motive behind their passage of a bill to limit early voting in Wisconsin.
  Appearing on Charlie Sykes' March 14 radio show Assembly Speaker Robin Vos picked up on Sykes' argument that if the tables were turned and Republican districts enjoyed the benefits of early voting, Democrats would pass similar legislation. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around that here is Vos' comment.
  "I heard you earlier today say `what if we had Waukesha County being given special privileges, certainly the Democrats would howl', that is the kind of process we have right now in Milwaukee and Madison."
  Sykes then had to add a layer of hyperbole, because that is his job.
  "You know, the ACLU would be in federal court--there would be this massive outcry and it would be hard to justify why you are allowed to vote in some parts of the state and in other parts you are not--except when it is Milwaukee or Madison."
   Note to Charlie Sykes—you may yet get to see the ACLU in action.

  Implicit in the argument is the notion that the bill was passed to limit a perceived Democratic political advantage in Dane and Milwaukee counties, all behind the veil of "uniformity."  Because, after all, the Democrats would be motivated to pass similar laws to gain a political advantage if big bad Republican counties had extra voting hours.
   The we-did-it-for-political-reasons-because-they-would-have-done-it-for-political-reasons meme quickly became a Republican talking point. One week later, on another radio talker, Joy Cardin's WPR show, Republican blogger and operative Kevin Binversie coincidentally used the same language.
  "Why should Dane County and Milwaukee County be the only ones who feel they are justified to open up on weekends? What if this was going on in Waukesha Coumty? Wouldn't the Democrats not be crying foul over a bunch of Republican voters in Waukesha County or Ozaukee County or Washington County or any other of the ring counties that surround Milwaukee or Dane Counties?"
  Sharing the microphone with Binversie was former Democratic AG Peg Lautenschlager who failed to pick up on the nuance in his statement.
  So there you have it. The bill was passed because the cities which have the extended voting hours contain too damn many Democratic voters.


March 26, 2014 - 7:44pm