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The Republican Salute

I've only had the opportunity to help staff a Recall Walker table for about 45 minutes.  It was a block from my home in Greendale.  Greendale, you may recall, was built by the Federal Government during the depression to provide homes for the working poor.  It is now a very red suburb benefiting from the WPA produced parkways, Whitnall Park, and Botanical Gardens.  The current Republican residents fail to see the irony of their support of Walker and his ALEC legislation.

What surprised me were the number of people who gave me the one finger salute (the Republican Salute) in those 45 minutes.

This monring I put a Recall Walker bumper sticker on my car.  Several hours later, while my wife an I were driving on the freeway, a white van beeped to get my attention and sped past me to give my wife and I, you guessed it, the Republican Salute.  I know, from talking with others that this is a common form of harrassment from the Walker supporters.  I would like to suggest that we keep cameras at our recall sites and in our cars to record these assults.  It would be great to post these on a web site to show who the real thugs and slobs are.  I know that one of the men who gave me the salute must have been in his late seventies (he rolled down his window and shouted f*** you).  I'd like his priest or pastor to see it.

I'd like to propose that we call the obscene finger gesture the "Republican Salute" and continue to post the examples that we are able to take photos of.  we might even have a contest to find the most outragous Republican finger.  It could be fun!



December 5, 2011 - 11:36pm