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Repub Senators reject RoJo; is anyone surprised?

Golly, gee.  Republican members of the US Senate have chosen Roy Blunt, a House veteran from Missouri who's a freshman Senator but  knows his way around the Capitol, for a leadership post, rejecting the bid by Wisconsn's Ron Johnson.

Johnson, who hasn't even served a year, was the Tea Party candidate who said he'd offer a different perspective.

But his colleagues decided that they didn't really need a doofus perspective.  They already have Jim DeMint, who endorsed RoJo.  So did a lor of other far out right wingers, including home state Rep. Paul Ryan.  Turns out Senators don't much give a rip what House members think.

The spot is the position in the GOP Senate leadership, worth about a thimbleful of warm spit.



December 13, 2011 - 7:01pm