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Reporter: Koch Took Credit for GOP Keeping Senate Majority, Said He'll "Do Whatever it Takes" To Make Sure Walker Wins Recall

I caught up with Palm Beach Post reporter (and former Wisconsinite) Stacey Singer and asked her a follow-up question to her about billionaire David Koch:

JL: Great interview! Did you get any audio?

SS:  Hi Jud, no, alas, there was no audio. It was a cocktail party situation.

JL: Did he explicitly say that his group, Americans for Prosperity, was supporting Walker or wanted Walker to win the recall election?

SS: Yes, in fact, he took credit, via Americans for Prosperity, for the failure of the previous recall to unseat enough state senators to undo the majority, and he indicated he was going to do whatever it took to prevent Walker from losing his seat, lest the recall energize Union Power into the presidential election. (He had enjoyed a glass of wine or two before I brought up Wisconsin.)

This is a pretty big deal for two reasons:

1) He said he illegally ran ads with the intent of influencing the Wisconsin recall elections last summer.
2) He said he intends on making sure Walker holds onto his gubernatorial seat by running ads via American for Prosperity.  That's illegal, because they're supposed to be innoncent "issue ads"-- certainly not meant to influence elections.

While these statements are illegal for David Koch they also have legal ramifications for Walker as well. Consider the following:

  • Walker he believed to be David Koch on February 22, 2011 and asked him to run "ads" in "swing districts" in a response to how Koch could help him out.  Walker's defense the next day at a press conference was that there was no campaign going on the time-- showing Walker knew the legalities involved. My understanding of Wisconsin law, however, is that soliciting ads from an illegal source for a future campaign is still illegal. At the time Walker requested ads, the about Walker being recalled and, more importantly, recall elections for state senators were already underway and being. Republicans had also filed the p on February 17 --- so there WAS a campaign going on at the time.  Plus, the motive in running ads--as David Koch says to Singer-- running the AFP ads in the senate recall elections was to help Walker.
  • This past summer, Scott Walker flew to Aspen, Colorado for a Republican Governor Association's "roundtable executive" meeting (fundraiser) that was hosted by David and Charles Koch. Here you have the real David Koch and the real Walker asking for help and we know that he asked for help, because Koch tells Singer that he ran the ads in the senate recall elections to help Walker.

It is my understanding that Walker's potential illegal coordination with Americans for Prosparity is one of the many dark alleys the John Doe investigation is looking into-- and this latest revelation by Koch certainly cannot help Walker's cause.



February 21, 2012 - 5:55pm