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Recalling the Recall Candidates: State Sen. Rob Cowles (R)

Bio: 61, divorced w/children. BS from UW-GB. Prior to entering the Senate in a 1987 special election, was in the Assembly starting in 1982. Prior to that, he worked in alternative energy for a communications construction company.

Political Brand: Cowles has carefully built a brand of being an independent that stands up against to the GOP on environmental issues. He also has built a reputation of being a budget hawk that is always looking for government waste.

Second District Profile: State Senator Rob Cowles has served the second senate district since 1988. The second runs roughly from the southwest suburbs of Green Bay, down to the northern outskirts of Appleton, over to Shawano, and then over to Oconto Falls. Cowles ran unopposed in 2008, but Obama won his Senate district 53-47%.

Previous Commments about Walker's Emergency Budget: On the Monday prior to the "Ash Wednesday Ambush" Cowles was one of three Republicans that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said was willing to vote for a compromise. In an interview with the , the paper described Cowles as "lamenting" the focus on collective bargaining and that the Governor had already gotten all the necessary fiscal concessions from the union. Therefore, "got rolled over by Walker" attacks similar those against Luther Olson are likely against Cowles.

Past Controversies: In 2008, it was discovered that he had significant investments in companies. He claimied he knew nothing of the investments and quickly cleaned his hands of the companies.

Keys to Recall Victory: Cowles image of an independent must be exposed as being false: When his constituents really needed him to be independent and stick for them, he allowed his arm to be twisted by Scott Walker.



March 13, 2011 - 6:31pm