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Recall votes against Cowles and Darling certified - but not recalls against Democrats

As expected, the GAB has certified the recall signatures against three more Republican senators, allowing the recall elections against Sheila Harsdorf, Alberta Darling, and Rob Cowles.  They also chose not to act at this time on the signatures calling for recall against three Democratic senators, Dave Hansen, Bob WIrch, and Jim Holperin saying that they have not had time to consider these signatures yet in light of specific allegations of fraud from the Democratic party (revolving around the collection of these signatures).

Predictably the Republicans are claiming that this is an indication of bias on the part of the GAB.  The GAB is currently under court order to certify or deny all recall signatures by this Friday.  Since the GAB has not scheduled another meeting until Juln 8,  Apparently the GAB is going to petition the court for an extension some time this week, claimming that they cannot process all of this in addition to having just finished the recall election for Supreme Court Justice.

In addition, the GAB , previously scheduled for July 12, back one week to July 19.  This is understandable as the flurry of allegations and potential litigation has made life difficult for the small staff at GAB, which has been working long hours to resolve an unprecedented number of recall elections and other issues.

There will be a protest at the GAB office at 12:30 which is being promoted by the The group is protesting the alleged election irregularities during the recent Supreme Court election, and the recount after the election.


May 31, 2011 - 12:04pm