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Rebuilding the Uppitywis Calendar - Update

You may have noticed that since our Drupal 7 transition the calendar has been pretty sparse.  There are multiple reasons for this, some of which are more political than technical.

In any case - we're interested in building in a new calendaring infrastructure.   It's next on the list of site improvements, along with a readable list of bills in the state legislature.  I'd like to ask for your help.

Update -- We've started importing some events from the county parties around the state - this is an experiment, but we'd like to see a common calendar for progressive events in Wisconsin, and we're starting to work on that. Some of this is challenging since most sites don't have importable calendars, and some of the ones that do are subtly broken (time zones are always difficult). 

For one - if you know of progressive political events going on in the state, .

Second - if you maintain a calendar of events that is machine readable (that would mean that it puts out an ical feed, or is in Google calendar, or some other reasonable accessible calendar format) and you're willing to let us list your events,

And if you have any great new ideas for things for us to do with the site, please let me know that as well.


March 27, 2015 - 12:43pm